Get Your Financial Sh*t Together!

How to Thrive on a Fluctuating Income

Is your income inconsistent? Are you self-employed, a freelancer, or a business owner? Join me for a one day workshop to show you how to successfully manage your fluctuating income. Maybe you are just starting out and want to get going on the right foot? Or you are running a successful business but still have money stresses? (If you are an actor or writer or artist of any kind you have a business - and if you don’t think of it that way then this workshop really is for you!)


Imagine feeling abundant, calm, self-confident and organized.


Imagine a life where if your client is slow in paying the invoice you can still pay your vendors.


Imagine a life where if the residual check doesn’t come you are still thriving.


Imagine being able to focus on your art, your career, your life partner or your kids without having that not so tiny little worry in the back of your mind?




You know you need to. But you are afraid. Sticking your head in the sand has worked thus far, right?


Well I speak from experience when I say that one day it won’t. And that day, if you wait too long, will be painful. Very, very painful.


This is it. The time is now. Bring mindfulness, not deprivation. Bring joy, not anxiety. Bring peace, not worry.


You want different results right? So do something different!


January 21, 2017 9:00-4:00
Lunch and snacks are included
Limited to 8 people so everyone gets lots of individual attention.
Regular Price: $495.
Location is in Hollywood area, exact address will be sent to participants.


Early Bird Special: $395 if paid in full by January 7!
Midday Bird Special: $445 if paid by January 14!
Evening Birds pay full price!


$100 holds your spot. Any money received is non-refundable but can be applied to another workshop in the future.


Send a note to letting me know you are in, and I will send you an invoice.


Please let me know your PayPal email address and if you want to pay in full or put down a deposit.